Drawing Tips for Beginners – Draw What You See

Have you completed your cool drawing? There is a common problem encountered by beginners when they start learning to draw. It is that they do not realize that they are not drawing what the see. They draw what they think they see. We know that our brain is made to recognize objects as a whole. It is not the individual components they are made of. For example, when a beginner wants to draw a face, his brain tells him that he is seeing a face, not the lines and shading that really make up what he is seeing at the moment. So his drawing is that he will not draw what he see.

Lets draw what you see! You can try to focus on drawing the subject which near with you. For example, your shoe, over and over. It is easy to draw because your shoe is always with you and easy to look at, and it has a lot of detail you need to capture. Focus on the contours, the lines and the shading of the shoe. Learn to draw it from the same angle over and over. Look at your finished drawings and your shoe, see what you can do to improve upon it. You can also try doing this with the other subjects.

Beginners can also try to draw without looking at their paper. This forces them to really draw what they are looking at. It is not on trying to correct what they already have on paper. On this technique they will be training their brain. The brain will help them to draw the components, and not the recognized composite objects.

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